Food Vlogger Competition - Fovco Event Organizer

Yogyakarta, November 20, 2021. Fovco Event Organizer held a competition themed vlog of food from various regions and was open to all circles in the event also had a talk show by presenting a guest star from Master Chef Indonesia Season 8, namely La Ode and moderated by a student named Putri Ayu Kusuma Wardani Uny. The Talkshow was attended by more than 90 participants in; the talk show; there were many questions addressed to the guest stars after the Question and Answer Session was completed, and then displayed also food vlog videos that the participants have made of the food vlog video competition.

Fovco Event Organizer also presented three judges, namely FX Paku Kusuma, Danu Murti, and Yolanita Valencia. The three judges assessed the video from the participants of the food vlog competition. The food vlog video competition produced four winners, with the category of 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd place favourite, 1st Place won by Engel Team, 2nd Place by Tam Team, and 3rd place favourite won by Trickster video team. The event aims to introduce and spread all over Indonesian netizen that our culinary heritage is super legit and rich tough.