Gymnastics Competition and Yelling Enliven the Declaration of the 4th Anniversary of FE

The inauguration of the FE UNY Anniversary to coincide on Friday (29/6) was lively. The committee held a yelling competition and a gymnastics competition followed by participants from all majors of FE and students. The gymnastics competition was lively and full of laughter when participants from the Administration Education Department showed off, guided by MC Isti Kistiananingsih. The theme for this year's FE Anniversary is 'Producing Excellent FE to produce intelligent and Pancasila-characterized people'. The ADP mass gymnastics team fronted by Joko Kumoro, M.Si, Arwan Nur Ramadhan, M.Pd., Djihad Hisham, M.Pd., Muslikhah Dwi Hartanti, M.Pd, Sutirman, M.Pd, Rosidah M.Si, managed to win first place. Likewise, the ADP chanting team managed to get the 2nd position (nadia)