Akhmad Fauzi S. Student of S1 Study Program P. ADP FE UNY Achieves Achievement in Bali

Sunday (29/9) Akhmad Fauzi Sugiharto, from the 2017 FE UNY Office Administration study program together with Muhammad Dery Prakoso from the chemistry education study program, won 2 categories in the 2019 National Business Plan Management Economic Event competition "The next young entrepreneur" organized by the University of Education Ganesha Bali. Fauzi and Dery won 3rd place and at the same time became favorite champions in the event. They raised tuna crackres bone products, processed products from the utilization of tuna bone waste to increase waste empowerment and increase MSMEs in the province of the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

“This experience is very valuable to win 2 champions at once. Thank you to all supporters and all those who have helped our team in carrying out this competition. We hope that this achievement can trigger other friends to create achievements,” said Fauzi. (Cs/Ik).