Introduction of Study Program for New Students (PPSMB) Office Administration Education 2020

The official campus introduction activity is of course a mandatory agenda for new students which is carried out at the beginning of the lecture. These activities are intended to introduce the ins and outs of the world of lectures, practice self-control, cultivate leadership spirit, and make it easier to socialize with each other and get to know comrades in arms. Saturday (12/09) new students of the 2020 Office Administration Education Study Program carried out the Introduction to the Study Program for New Students (PPSMB) which was held by the Office Administration Education Student Association (HIMA PADP). This year the activity was carried out with a different system from previous years. What's different? Of course, considering the situation in the new normal, this activity is carried out online via Zoom Meeting.

The activity was followed with great enthusiasm by new students of the Administrative Education Study Program. Starting with the opening of the event by the MCs, namely Elsa Angelina H. O. and Bagas Nur Febrian, followed by remarks delivered by Alfian Wino Syawal as Chair of the PPSMB 2020 Committee and Mrs. Dr. Dra. Rosidah, M.Si. as Head of the Department of Administrative Education and Head of the Office Administration Education Study Program. The activity continued with a workshop by Ms. Muslikhah Dwihartanti, S.P.I., M.Pd. which aims to introduce lecturers in the Department of Administrative Education. Furthermore, new students were spoiled by showing the introduction video of HIMA PADP. This video is shown so that new students are interested in following organizations on campus, especially HIMA PADP.

The event continued with material from Mrs. Rr Chusnu Syarifah Diah Kusuma, S.A.B., M.Sc. which brought the theme “Awakening the Soul of Sociopreneur Administrator in Contributing in the Revolutionary Era 4.0.” Furthermore, sharing experiences about challenges and opportunities as alumni of the Office Administration Education Study Program by Danang Setyaramadhani, S.Pd. The two great speakers certainly attracted the attention of new students who were curious about the world of administration. The new students were given the opportunity to directly ask the two great speakers. The high enthusiasm of the new students was seen during the discussion session. Situations and conditions that make it impossible to meet face-to-face certainly do not reduce the fighting spirit of the new students to immediately start lecture activities.

Not to forget, the committee showed a video about Covid-19 mitigation with the aim of providing the correct understanding in preventing the transmission of Covid-19. At the end of the event, a video introduction of the committee was shown and also the reading of assignments for new students. The assignment in the form of making essays aims to train new students to get used to thinking openly and critically about the problems that surround us. The transition from high school to college does take time for them to adapt. With this event, the committee hopes that the new students will easily adapt to their new environment (Suhar).