UIKL Malaysia Students Take Lectures at the Office Administration Education Study Program FE UNY

The atmosphere in the classroom that day was different. There were some students with radiant and slightly awkward faces. Most of the others looked surprised to see the new members in the lecture on Thursday (20/3) afternoon. Not to mention there are one or two students dressed in UNY alma mater suits which are usually only worn during KKN or PPL, not during lectures like that time. The lecturer then explained that that day, five foreign students from Malaysia would attend the lecture. Dyna Herlina S., M.Sc, a lecturer in the International Marketing class at the Department of Management, then continued the class with a group presentation that took turns that day. The atmosphere was serious but relaxed, and the five foreign students seemed to be enjoying the lecture. Such is the scene in one of the classes that was targeted for Sit-Ins by Infrastructrure University Kuala Lumpur students at the Faculty of Economics (FE) UNY.
Not only the International Marketing class, the fifteen IUKL students were guest students in five other classes in the Department of Accounting Education, Economics Education, and Office Administration Education. While attending lectures at the Office Administration Education Study Program, the five students learned about Teaching and Learning Strategies taught by Siti Umi Khayatun Mardiyah, M.Pd. Muhammad Fikri A. Manaf, one of the students from IUKL said that the class he took was actually outside his field, but it was interesting,” he said.

Meanwhile, responding to the response of one of his students, Dr. Seloamoney Palaniandy, assistant lecturer from IUKL said, “Even though they are not Economics students, Economics is still an important science and needed by everyone. In addition, the main purpose of this Sit-In is to learn teaching and learning techniques in Indonesia, so that the good ones can be applied in our country.”

IUKL also included two other lecturers, Nuraisha Binti Ahmad Jamaludin and Sharala A/P Kuti Kander to observe the teaching process at FE UNY. The fifteen IUKL students were divided into three groups to be guest students in lectures during that Thursday. Although teaching is delivered in Indonesian, Malaysian students seem to have no difficulty understanding the material in general. (fadhli)