Muhammadiyah 2 Playen Vocational School Students Participate in Office Machines Practical Training at the FE UNY Office Technology Laboratory

A total of 40 class X students accompanied by teachers from SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Playen Gunungkidul visited the faculty last Tuesday (5/3). They carry out practical activities in the laboratory belonging to the Department of Office Administration Education, Faculty of Economics (FE) UNY. The group was immediately received by the department, represented by the Head of the Lab Siti Umi Khayatun and the lecturers in the department. Under the guidance of Yuliansah, M.Pd. and Wahyu Rusdiyanto, M.M., students from the Department of Office Administration and the Department of Accounting received training in office equipment/machinery practices and office simulation practices, such as when making phone calls, using binding machines to photocopiers.

JFE UNY's Office Administration Education Affairs has a number of laboratories to support academic activities, including Lab. Office Simulation, Lab. Computers, Labs. Office Technology, and so on. The laboratory is often used by private universities and schools as a place for practice or training. (fadhli)