ADP Study Program Commits to Maximizing UNY's KPI Achievements - ADP Collaborates with 34 Iduka to Provide Skilled Students

Yogyakarta: Applied Bachelor Study Program (D4) Office Administration (ADP) Faculty of Economics, Yogyakarta State University signed a cooperation document with 20 Industries and the World of Work (Iduka), Wednesday (27/10/2020). This collaboration is a form of ADP study program's commitment to maximizing the achievement of the Main Performance Index (IKU) of Yogyakarta State University.

The Dean of the Faculty of Economics of UNY, Dr. Siswanto, M.Pd, explained that currently, UNY has managed to rank 1 on 5 indicators. We need to maximize 3 more indicators to wipe out a total of 8 achievement indicators. "Those three are students doing off-campus activities, practitioners teaching on campus, and lecturers' performances who have received recognition from the community," he said when opening the event, which took place at the Platinum Adisucipto Hotel & Conference Center, Yogyakarta.

He said this collaboration was the right step to maximize the achievements of UNY IKU, as well as an effort to prepare the next generation to be ready to work in the office sector. "Through this collaboration, students can do internships, if you are willing, you can teach as practitioner lecturers and we will encourage lecturers to produce works that can be implemented in the work unit," he explained.

Head of ADP D4 Study Program Drs. Purwanto, M.M., M.Pd. Conveyed, currently, ADP has signed a cooperation agreement with 34 Iduka. This number will continue to grow because there are still some Iduka who are in the process of reaching an agreement. “This collaboration is an implementation of the Merdeka Learning curriculum at the Merdeka Campus. Students are given more than 20 credits for off-campus learning,” he said when giving his speech.

"Because this collaboration with Iduka is really necessary, and we are very interested in the ladies and gentlemen of Iduka," he added.

This collaboration with Iduka, he said, was also aimed at equipping students with hands-on experience in the world of work. Apart from being a place for internships, Iduka will learn as a practicing lecturer and prepare the curriculum. "By cooperating with Mr. Iduka in preparing the curriculum, it is hoped that what is taught in class can be in accordance with the needs in the field," he explained.

Iduka welcomed this collaboration, especially in providing students with opportunities for internships. Anton Wahyu Prihartono, editor-in-chief of Harian Jogja, opens up many opportunities to learn directly from the media where he works. Based on his experience, he assessed that several UNY students who had internships at Harian Jogja had good performances. In principle, we open up the Jogja Daily as a place of learning,” he said.

Shesharina Ayu W, PJ Branch Manager of BTN Syariah Yogyakarta, also supports this collaboration by providing opportunities for students to learn directly. "We will certainly facilitate if there are interns at our place," he said.

On the same occasion, Surya Ika Perkasa, Executive HR Manager of Qhomemart, said it was essential to making students understand that internships are not only a requirement for graduation. More than that, an internship is a transition process from the world of education to the world of work. "So students do internships not only because of graduation requirements," he said.

Iduka who signed the collaboration with ADP, namely Geblek Pari Nanggulan, PT. Naturatama Bunga Persada, Daily Jogja, The Phoenix Hotel, Bong O Bong, PT. Eduraya Teknologi Nusantara, Citra Prestasi Gemilang, Bank BTN Syariah Yoogyakarta, Qhomemart, Campus Inn Hotel, CV. Permata Wisata Group, Coolie Tour Travel & Design, Bumi Lingkar Nusa, CV. Anggrek Asri Jaya, De Mangol, For example Coffee and Eatery, Netsol Group, Wonosari Post Office, Elmer Living, and ISP Transport Jogja, both in person and through online face-to-face applications. (Git/Cs)