National Conference and Virtual Internship Exhibition by Athanasia Event Organizer

Athanasia Event Organizer, guided by the Office Administration program of Applied Bachelor, has just finished organizing a National Conference and Virtual Internship Exhibition, "Upgrade your Skill for Future Carrier", on Sunday (07/11). The conference was held successfully with the support of the performance of the Committee and several sponsors, namely, Kopma UNY, Dika Cell, Jewel Art Collection, Inez Cosmetic, Viva, and many more. The event was opened by the Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni of the Faculty of Economics, Yogyakarta State University, Dr Sutirman, S.Pd., M.Pd. In his speech, he said that an Internship is needed for students to help students hone their skills and can feel how to jump directly into the work environment.

The leader of the event, Salsabila Yahya, said that the event was held as a means to answer the problems that are being experienced by students, especially students in the internship field, which will help students, especially students to find suitable facilities to hone their skills, where the Seminar was themed "Upgrade your skills for Future Carrier". It was held into two sessions, the first session with the presentation of material by three tenants Expo namely from PT Global Millennial Group with speakers Kak Muflih Dwi Fikri as Founder and CEO, Department of Youth Education and Sports Yogyakarta city with speakers Mr Budi Santoso Asrori S.E., M.Si as the head of the Department, and the last one is PT Unmute Visual Indonesia Kak Erick Fernando as Founder and CEO. It continued with the second session, the presentation of material by Kak Vina a Muliana as a Youth Carrier Influencer in Tiktok and executive assistant Group CEO MIND ID.

The event means alot to reduce students' anxiety and acknowledge them, especially in mastering their skills. Therefore, Athanasia Event Organizer was present to hold a National Conference and Virtual Internship Exhibition with the theme" Upgrade your skills for Future Carrier". It is where this event can inspire students to provide problem solution to what they have to do as their planning in the future career.