Online Discussion: Discussion Forum of P.ADP Study Program in the Middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Bumi lagi tidak baik-baik saja. Masa pandemi virus corona (COVID-19) berdampak keseluruh sektor, termasuk pendidikan. Perguruan tinggi memilih menerapkan perkuliahan daring dengan memberikan materi kuliah, tugas kuliah, dan ujian sebagai bentuk evaluasi. Muncul pertanyaan, apakah semua itu efektif?. Lalu bagaimana kegiatan perkuliahan lain seperti KKN, PPL, dan bimbingan tugas akhir?

From this confusion, HIMA Office Administration Education through the Department of APS (Advocacy & Public Services) held an Online Discussion: PADP Discussion Forum with the theme "Building Critical Reasoning for PADP Students in a Time of Pandemic". The committee said, “This work program aims to build a common perception of PADP lecturers and students in the learning process. During this pandemic, lectures are held in a darling manner, but it is still hoped that maximum learning outcomes will be achieved. For this reason, it is necessary to communicate the learning model between PADP lecturers and students”.

The online discussion event will be held on Friday 1 May 2020 starting at 13.00 s.d. 15.30 WIB using WhatsApp communication media. The discussion, which was attended by all ranks of lecturers and students of the 2016-2019 PADP class, raised the topic of discussion on the effectiveness of Darling's lectures, continuity of KKN and PPL, and final project guidance. The event, which was initiated by HIMA PADP, was guided by moderator M. Lathu Ghozy Malawat in the discussion process.

This discussion forum is the first time HIMA PADP has held online. Prior to this, there was an agenda similar to the “Work Workshop Program” with the aim of accommodating and facilitating student aspirations to PADP lecturers. The online discussion session was opened by the moderator and the rules and procedures for the discussion were presented at the beginning of the discussion. Then the students were given the opportunity to express their opinions one by one which was then responded by the lecturers. The students were very enthusiastic in expressing their opinions as if it were an opportunity to convey their thoughts in their hearts. The question and answer process between PADP lecturers and students took turns until all discussion topics were finished.

Communication between PADP lecturers and students was successfully built in the darling lecture during this pandemic. Through this discussion forum, it becomes a place to channel student aspirations and as a place of friendship between students and lecturers. Both lecturers and students have to fight hard in these difficult times to bring about a quality learning process. The lecturers are ready to facilitate students in tutoring and guidance. For KKN and PPL, they are still waiting for further information from the UNY Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM).

At the end of the session, “Thank you to the committee for holding this event. I think we have to accept the fact that some things are indeed hampered and forced to slow down during this pandemic. We also know that not all problems can be solved by switching to online mode. Stay healthy, I hope things get better soon." Mr. Wahyu said closing the conversation in the discussion forum.

Seeing the appreciation given from the ranks of P.ADP lecturers and students, the committee said they were satisfied and happy. The committee apologizes if there are many shortcomings in the online discussion event and thank you for the participation of PADP lecturers and students (lathu/suhar).