Yuan Aindik and Hanifah from PADP FE UNY won the poetry creation at the Javanese Art Festival!

The Javanese Art Festival (JAF) is one of the activities organized by the Gatotkaca Event Organizer, which consists of 22 students from the 2018 FE UNY Office Administration Education Study Program and is included in the 6th major event organized by the study program this year. This EO was formed from the Event Management (ME) course with the lecturer Rr. Chusnu Syarifa diah Kusuma.

Starting JAF's activities, the Gatotkaca Event Organizer held various national-level art competitions titled love of culture with the theme "My Culture My Identity". The event was held on Saturday, December 28 2019, in the Taman Budaya Yogyakarta area and was the highlight of the event where previously various competitions were selected such as poetry creation, poster design, photography, band competition and theater competition.

The presentation at the peak event featured exhibitions of 15 works of poster competition finalists, 15 works of photography finalists, 15 works of poster design finalists, performances by 10 finalists in a band competition and 5 finalists in theater. On this occasion, two students of FE UNY office administration education from the 2017 class won the poetry competition, namely Yuan Aindhik Tyawati and Hanifah Abdillah.

The finalists who came out as champions are as follows: Write a poem:

• 1st Place (Fentri Hartati)

• 2nd Place (Yuan Aindhik Tyawati – PADP FE UNY 2017)

• 3rd Place (Hanifah Abdillah- PADP FE UNY 2017)

Poster Design:

• 1st Place (Sirojul Munir)

• 2nd Place (I Putu Angga Aditya)

• 3rd Place (Fathan Mohammad Athallah)


• 1st Place (Muhammad Febri Akbar Perkasa)

• 2nd Place (Muhammad Khoirul Anam)

• 3rd Place (Yoevy Prasetyo)

•   Favorite Champion (Muh Rosikhuddin)

Band Competition

• 1st Place (Mainstay of God)

• 2nd Place (Rainbow)

• 3rd Place (Dance of tales)

Theater Competition

• 1st Place (Kopyah Theatre)

• 2nd Place (New Theater 56)

• 3rd Place (Casster Theatre)

"Of course I am proud to get an award as the 2nd place in poetry creation, hopefully in the future I can improve my poetry writing talent," said Yuan Aindik. "For me, expressing taste and art is important apart from gaining academic knowledge, and with this award, I hope I can be motivated to create other works of art," added Hanifah.

"The purpose and objective of this activity is to strengthen the love of culture among Indonesian youth through art competitions," said Acha Wahyu as chairman of the committee. "Of course I am relieved and proud, finally all the events from the EO and ME courses have been carried out, I hope that with this practical course, students will be able to develop soft skills and can be useful in the future," Chusnu added. (Cs)