ADP Study Program Initiates Collaboration with DUDI-Print Graduates as Needed

Yogyakarta – Office Administration Study Program (AdP) Level D4 Yogyakarta State University (UNY) has initiated a collaboration with the Business and Industrial World (DUDI). This effort is made to create a link and match between graduates and the needs of DUDI. Head of UNY Office Administration Study Program, Purwanto said, this collaboration is important to reduce the gap between the quality of graduates and market needs. This collaboration will provide knowledge, skills and experience to AdP study program graduates.

"If students gain knowledge on campus, then skills and experience can be obtained through field practice or internships," he explained when opening the Initiation of Collaboration between UNY Adp Study Program and DUDI at The Phoenix Yogyakarta hotel, Saturday (10/10/20).

He explained that the collaboration between Adp Study Program and DUDI had been done for a long time. Several meetings involving DUDI have been held, especially in the context of preparing learning curricula. "We hope there is a tip that the implementation of learning involves intensively DUDI. We will carry out partnerships like this on an ongoing basis,” he explained at the event which was attended by eleven DUDI offline and online.

The initiation of this collaboration was well received. Agus Fahrurrozy Abdillah from Telkom Telstra hopes that the link and match between campus and DUDI can create a competitive workforce. "We welcome the initiation of this collaboration," he said, who attended the event via Zoom. Agus Dianto, a representative of Qhomemart BJ Home Supermarket Gedung Yogyakarta, said that the presence of interns was very helpful. Students who are always updated with technological developments are considered to be able to provide input for the company. “Not only small jobs, sometimes we also give them challenging jobs. In essence, we feel helped by the presence of these interns,” he said.

However, it cannot accept many students at the same time. "Because we will be confused to place it. But this can be overcome by setting the time,” he said when delivering his input. Similarly, Efendi S.Y from BPD DIY expressed his support. It ensures that it will contribute to the success of the Merdeka Learning program. "Of course we need to talk further because the banking industry is different from others. Because for some things, there is a secrecy law in banking,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Iyan Supiandi from Jasa Raharja showed his interest in research collaboration. "We will follow up this cooperation," he said.

The chairman of the event committee Rr. Chusnu Syarifa said, in this collaboration initiation event, the Independent Learning curriculum and the D4 Office Administration Study Program of UNY were also socialized. “But the most important thing is that we want AdP graduates to have the competencies required by the world of work. For that, we carry out this event,” he said [sigit].