D4 Office Administration Study Program Students Participate in English Speaking Competition

English skills have become one of the most important basic competitions nowadays for all college graduates. There are 2 types of English skills that students need to master, namely Active English and Passive English. The majority of the industrial world requires the mastery of active English skills (Active English), namely speaking and conversation in their recruitment. So students need to seriously prepare their active English language skills during their studies. One way to practice Active English skills is by participating in a Speaking skill competition or English Conversation as a means of practice and a stimulus for students to improve their Active English skills, such as the English Speaking Competition on Friday, October 23, 2020 via the Zoom platform, which was attended by by students of D4 Office Administration Study Program. This activity aims to evaluate English language skills, to prepare and improve English language skills, especially Active English students, because the ratio of the majority of vocational education is practical learning. The assessment indicators in the English Speaking Competition activity refer to the standard four categories of IELTS Speaking score assessment, namely fluency and coherence (fluency and coherence between one sentence and the next), lexical resources or vocabulary range (vocabulary), grammatical range (grammar accuracy) and pronunciation (pronunciation). The basis of this assessment is a means of preparing students so that they have international standards in active English language skills. Based on the results of these activities, there were 3 main winners, namely Ulayya Nuwayyara Mudawwamah (1st Place), Adji Harmain Gufa (2nd Place), and Ifra Gistiara Ainda (3rd Place). The three students of the 2019 D4 Office Administration Study Program managed to collect scores of 360, 330 and 325, respectively (Full score for each category is 100 points). In general, students get the highest scores in the categories of pronunciation and fluency & coherence. Thus, as an evaluation material for learning English in the future, it is necessary to improve skills related to vocabulary and grammatical range. The means of practice to improve vocabulary is reading or the need for competition activities related to reading skills such as storytelling contests and essay competitions [Nad].