DFD EO P. PADP 2016 presents the Ken Arok Theater Performance as a Means of Nguri-Uri Ka Budayan Jawi

DFD or December Fantastic Day is an event organizer formed from an event management course. This DFD raises a cultural theme by fostering an appreciative spirit of the community through the performance of Javanese traditional culture, namely kethoprak. Kethoprak is a traditional Javanese art that is increasingly being abandoned. Whereas kethoprak is an art that is used to convey the moral message of life.

DFD on December 21, 2017 held a Ken Arok theater performance at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. This activity was guided by Ms. Rr Chusnu Syarifa Diah Kusuma., S.A.B., M.Si as a lecturer in Event Management. This performance itself is filled by the Gunung Kidul Generation of Kethoprak who are already professional in terms of theater and have been traveling around the world for three years. Behind the success of the theater performance, there is a DFD team that works around the clock to prepare and Pak Wening Susilo et al as the production team, as the team that oversees every development of the preparation for the performance.

And, Why take the story of Ken Arok?. “Ken Arok is a King Singosari Sri Rajasa Sang Amurwabhumi who has the same character as humans today. A royal leader whose background is a delinquent. How is Ken Arok really, a leader he should hate or praise? Although Ken Arok has a red report card in his life story, as a king he was able to give birth to great kings on the island of Java. He is also able to win a war with a precise strategy.” said Yohana, as a public relations officer.


“From this performance, DFD hopes that the audience can take lessons from the story. Especially for students who are expected to become pioneers of the Indonesian nation. Through this performance, DFD also hopes that students and the public in general will not forget and continue to care for the Javanese culture." Riris, as the Head of the DFD Event Organizer added.(Lia/Cs)

Head of Administrative Education Head, Joko Kumoro handed over a memento to the Gunung Kidul Generation of Kethoprak

DFD Eo with lecturers of Administrative Education FE UNY

One of the scenes in Ken Arok's performance

Cast, production team and DFD Eo Ken Arok