Kitin, student of Pend. ADP 2017 from Merauke won the best catwalk

Sunday (24/11) Students of the 2017 D-III Office Administration Study Program, Department of Administrative Education, Faculty of Economics, Yogyakarta State University, Wates Campus held an Event Organizer activity to fulfill the Event Organizer Course Final Project with the lecturer Rr. Chusnu Syarifa Diah Kusuma at Lippo Plaza Jogja. This activity carries the theme back to 90's. In this activity there are several program programs, namely a modeling competition throughout Central Java-DIY, performances from Dimas Diajeng Yogyakarta, and a Band competition throughout Central Java-DIY as well as featuring acoustic entertainment and modern dance from D3 students at Yogyakarta State University. The opening of the 90's Fashion Week activity was opened by Mr. Suhartanto, M.A as a D3 Office Administration lecturer and continued by Della Mayangsari as the chairman of the Rewind Organizer committee.

The next event was a modeling competition with general categories from 17-25 years old throughout Central Java DIY, modeling participants were given the opportunity to display their best catwalks and clothes. This modeling competition was judged by the judges Oekie S. Baraharja (PAPMI) and Dany Faar Setiawan & Rizki Rahma Nurwahyuni ​​(Dimas Diajeng Yogyakarta). On this occasion, Christina Kamepic Epem from Merauke (student of FE UNY Office Administration Education class 2017) won the attribute champion as Best Catwalk. The winners of the 90's Fashion Week modeling competition for Central Java DIY were won by Grace Abelizy Nivaro Gea (first place), Putri Alfina Q.A (second place), Mustika Devi Rahayu (third winner), and M. Abrari Indra L.K.H (Best Costume).

After the series of modeling events were completed, it was followed by a band competition. Participants are required to perform 2 songs, one mandatory song, namely when love is tempting (chrisye) and one free song. The band competition was judged by the jury Adlan Barizzufaruddin, Inggit Cahyo Saksono, and Muhammad Rizky Pranada (Student of Music Education, Yogyakarta State University). The winners of the back to 90's band competition in DIY were won by Pepsoband (first place), MOG (second place), and jagurduk (third winner). "Alhamdulillah, this event went smoothly, and Lippo Plaza Jogja visitors were also enthusiastic about the activities organized by Yogyakarta State University Office Administration students." said Della as chairman of the EO rewind committee. (Cs)


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