D3 FE UNY Secretarial Study Program Students Learn Table Manner and Beauty Classs at Hotel Phoenix

The D3 Secretarial Study Program, Department of Administrative Education, Faculty of Economics, Yogyakarta State University (FE UNY) 2014 held a Table manner and Beauty class on Sunday (11/12) at the Phoenix Hotel, Yogyakarta. “This activity is to fulfill the final assignment in the Event Organizer course in the fifth semester which is guided by Rr. Chusnu Syarifa Diah Kusuma, M.Sc. The event was also accompanied by the Head of Office Administration Study Program, Dra. Rosidah, M.Si”, said Chusnu when opening the table manner.

Chusnu continued, “This series of activities begins with a beauty demonstration given by Wardah Cosmetic. Participants were given knowledge on how to use natural make-up for daily use and at the office. Next is continued with Table Manner. This event began with the opening of the Phoenix Hotel, followed by a Hotel Tour by surrounding several rooms such as the lobby, gallery, meeting room, restaurant, swimming pool. Furthermore, participants were given knowledge about Public Relations delivered by PR Hotel Phoenix. Participants were also given demonstrations from hotel employees in carrying out their duties such as changing blankets and bedding.”


According to the Chairperson of the Committee, Afifah Yuliawati, “entering the main event, participants received a cooking demonstration from Chef Hotel Phoenik, namely cooking the main course dish, chicken Cordon Bleu. After cooking, proceed with the Table Manner material. This material includes the intent and purpose of knowing the Table Manner, the type of menu served, the equipment used in setting the table, what eating utensils are used in the table manner, the table set up, and other things to consider in the table manner”.


After that, the students and their supervisors did the Table Manner practice from the material previously presented, from eating procedures to drinking procedures. The menu order presented in the Table Manner is appetizer, then soup, main course and finally dessert. At the peak of the table manner event, participants were given a juggling demo from the Phoenix Hotel bartender.

"This event was held not only from the collaboration of Wardah Cosmetic and Hotel Phoenix, but several sponsors also supported this activity including Adi TV, RRI Yogyakarta, Magenta FM, Kedai Digital, Kopma UNY, May Outfit, and Warung SS," said Afifah. (Chusnu Syarifa)