Visit to Study Practice Simulation Office MGMP AP Central Java Province to the Laboratory of P.ADP Study Program FE UNY

In order to improve the competence of Office Administration Teachers (AP), the Office Administration Education Study Program, Faculty of Economics, Yogyakarta State University (P.ADP FE UNY) received a visit to study office simulation practices from the Subject Teacher Consultation (MGMP) of Vocational High School Office Administration ( SMK) Semarang City and Central Java Province at the Office Simulation Laboratory of the P.ADP FE UNY Study Program recently. This study visit aims to provide training to teachers regarding the practice of office work activities which are guided directly by Lecturers of the Administrative Education Department assisted by several final year students, said the Head of the P.ADP FE UNY Study Program Laboratory, Siti Umi Khayatun Mardiyah, M.Pd.

The practical training for office simulations includes teachers who directly practice themselves to become a Director, Secretary, Archives, Front Office, Mail Processor who directly practices office activities including processing incoming letters, outgoing letters, processing archives, receiving guests, receiving calls, managing meetings and other office work guided by Lecturer of P.ADP Study Program Purwanto, MM, M.Pd., Sutirman, M.Pd. and Yuliansah, M.Pd.

Siti Umi continued, “In the last few years, the Laboratory of Office Administration Education Study Program FE UNY has received frequent office visits at the Laboratory from Business and Management Vocational Schools, Universities, Office Administration MGMPs and so on. This shows the high interest of schools and agencies who want to visit the office directly in order to add insight into the development of the modern office world. (Isti)