Office Administration Education Assessment Techniques

In conducting the assessment of learning must use the right techniques and instruments to get valid and reliable results. Assessment of learning achievement is carried out to measure the domains of attitudes, knowledge, and skills. In the assessment process, various assessment instruments are used according to the purpose of the assessment to be carried out.

  1. Attitude Realm

Assessment of the attitude domain can be done in various ways, namely observation by lecturers, self-assessment by students and assessment between students. Attitude assessment can use the attitude assessment rubric.

  1. Knowledge Realm

The assessment of the realm of knowledge can be carried out by means of a written test instrument and an oral test, the process of which can be carried out either directly or indirectly. The written test can be in the form of an objective test and an essay test, while the indirect test can be in the form of making a paper or case study. Oral tests are carried out directly, such as seminars and thesis. 

  1. General and Specific Skills Realm

Skills assessment is carried out to see the technical competence of students. To assess student performance, it can be done by means of practicum, simulation, and field practice (internship).

Learning Outcome Analysis Mechanism

The mechanism for analyzing learning outcomes is carried out in a structured manner. The mechanism for analyzing learning outcomes is carried out by the lecturer in accordance with the following procedures: 1) Setting the assessment objectives referring to the RPS that has been prepared; 2) Develop an assessment grid; 3) Create an assessment instrument along with scoring guidelines; 4) Performing instrument quality analysis; 5) Conduct an assessment; 6) Processing, analyzing, and interpreting the results of the assessment; 7) Reporting the results of the assessment; and 8) Follow up on the report on the results of the assessment. After the lecturer finishes the assessment, then the value is processed and then presented in the final student study report. The report will be uploaded to the academic system so that it can be accessed by students as material for self-evaluation of learning activities. In reporting the assessment using the following criteria

There is a special thing about the final score of the assessment if students who have not completed assignments related to the lecture can be marked "K". The K mark can be changed to a value if the student can fulfill the obligations for the tasks that have been given. Graduation criteria in studying with a bachelor's degree in office administration education, students are said to have passed if they have taken 146 credits with a maximum D value of 10% and without an E score.






Dengan Pujian Tertinggi (Summa Cum Laude)


4,0 Tahun


Dengan Pujian (Cum Laude)

3,51 - 4,00

4,5 Tahun


Sangat Memuaskan (Very Satisfactory)

3,01 – 3,50



Memuaskan (Satisfactory)

2,51 – 3,00