Office Administration Education Graduate Competencies

The learning outcomes of the Office Administration Education Study Program (S1) are the estuaries of achievements or abilities obtained through the internalization of knowledge, attitudes, skills, competencies, and accumulated work experience so that the Program Outcome (PO) is achieved as follows:

  1. PO1. Possess pedagogical, personality, social, professional and religious competencies and is able to manage materials and operate laboratory equipment in the field of Office Administration.
  2. PO2. Have the ability to process data and present useful information for decision making.
  3. PO3. Have 4C skills (collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication).

The qualification levels of Indonesian human resources compiled in the KKNI comprehensively consider two important aspects, namely the relevance of education and training to the needs of job competence in the realm of the world of work and learning outcomes produced by an educational process. Therefore, the Office Administration Education Study Program (S1) is at level 6 (six) with the orientation of learning objectives/Program Learning Objectives, namely being able to:

  1. Demonstrate religious and human values in carrying out academic, social and professional responsibilities.
  2. Able to apply and develop science and technology in the field of education and administration well through the academic process.
  3. Able to solve problems in the field of administration both independently and collaboratively.
  4. Have the basic ability to design and carry out research that is relevant to learning problems according to the rules of scientific research.
  5. Able to analyze and build a business in the MICE field.
  6. Able to develop cooperation, creativity, critical thinking, communication, problem solving and innovative ideas.
  7. Able to increase the capacity to learn independently through the use of various media on an ongoing basis.
  8. Able to adapt information and communication technology to carry out professional duties.

The strategy for the absorption of graduates of the Office Administration Education Study Program (S1) in the world of work is to understand learning outcomes and study program competencies that are implemented into the curriculum by leading to the achievement of graduate qualifications according to the indicators set as benchmarks for learning achievement.