Office Administration Education Graduate Profile

Graduate Profile

Creative and innovative learning facilitator who educates with good mastery of office administration materials, has the ability to use information technology in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 to follow the development of office administration and learning, has the spirit of Pancasila, is supported by the ability to speak English, has a leadership spirit, and has the potential to continue to study. professional education so that they become professional teachers and are able to develop their professionalism in a sustainable manner.

Individuals who are able to provide services, processing, and presentation of information technology-based data in accordance with the demands of the industrial revolution 4.0 era in the office sector.

Individuals who are able to manage materials and operate office administration education laboratory equipment.

Individuals who are able to work alone or in collaboration with others to produce services related to Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition (MICE) activities.


Program Learning Outcome


Program Learning Outcome


Able to  demonstrate the values of religious and human ​​in carrying out academic, social, and professional responsibilities.


Able to apply and develop science and technology in the field of education and administration through the academic process.


Able to solve problems in the fields of administration either independently or collaboratively


Have the basic ability to design and carry out research that is relevant to learning problems following the rules of scientific research.


Able to analyze and build a business in the MICE field.


Able to develop collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication, problem-solving and innovative ideas .


Able to increase learning capacity independently through sustainable use of various media.


Able to adapt information and communication technology to carry out professional duties.