Odel, win the competition and join the 2019 International Summer School in Malaysia

Odilia Herlita Puspa Dewi, a student of the 2016 Office Administration study program and Friscillia Pemata Yudika Sinaga (D3 Electronic Engineering 2017) won 3rd winner (bronze medal) in the International Bujang Valley Innovation, Invention, and Design Competition (BVIIEC), in the science and engineering category. technology (Science and Technology) at Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia last June 13. Odel and Sisil made a soil moisture detector based on the Internet of Things (IoT) the tool is used to control temperature humidity using an android smartphone, designed with an IoT system that allows users to control in real time anywhere and anytime. A few weeks after participating in the BVIIEC competition, Odel had the opportunity to participate in the 2019 International Summer School. The 2019 International Summer School is one of the annual activities organized by the University of Nottingham. This year the International Summer School activity was held at the University of Nottingham, Malaysia. A total of 18 student representatives from Yogyakarta State University departed together and were accompanied by lecturers. Students who contributed to this event came from 23 countries around the world such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Slovakia, South Africa, United Kingdom, India, and many more. The activity was carried out from 2 – 17 July 2019. The activity began with a briefing for all students and guidelines for participating in the International Summer School, followed by lecture activities on 2 July 2019. There are class divisions that students can choose, namely Politics, Culture and the Media in Southeast Asia, Doing Business in Asia – Level 1 and Level 2, Creative Writing: Place, Travel, Movement, and Intensive Mandarin Chinese for Beginners.

In addition to lecture activities, there are cultural activities which are activities to introduce the culture of several countries such as writing Chinese characters, cooking traditional foods in Malaysia, and trips to Malacca. In addition to introducing culture, students can also get to know each other. English is the main key, in order to understand what is conveyed during lectures, and to interact with all participants and the committee.


At the end of the activity, all students in each class were asked to complete a final project in the form of a presentation by a group consisting of students from various countries to explain a topic. After the last lecture, it was closed with lunch and performances by students who showed their talents. “It's a really touching farewell, where we can build relationships with students from 23 countries, study together, and learn about the culture of each country. University of Nottingham Malaysia gave me a colorful summer. I appreciate the opportunity I got! I am proud to be able to bring the name of UNY and the name of Indonesia to the international level through this International Summer School activity, hopefully this will motivate me to achieve more and be more active in learning. It is a valuable opportunity to be a part of the International Summer School, where I can learn and get to know more friends from various countries and get to know the culture that shapes each person,” said Odel (OH/Cs)


Odel dan Sisil, meraih medali perunggu

International Summer School 2019