The visit of SMK Pancasila 6 Jatisrono Wonogiri to the Laboratory of Study Program P. ADP FE UNY

A total of 80 students and their accompanying teachers from SMK Pancasila 6 Jatisrono, Wonogiri visited the Faculty of Economics (FE) UNY, Tuesday (28/2) recently. The school, which was founded in 1985, visited FE UNY to find out more about the world of lectures in general and about the Department of Office Administration Education at FE UNY in particular. The group was received by the Vice Dean I of FE UNY, Prof. Sukirno, Ph.D. as well as several lecturers in the Department of Office Administration Education, FE UNY.

In his speech, Sukirno stated that FE UNY is developing continuously. “Even though he is the youngest, the laboratory here is complete. In fact, the laboratories owned by Office Administration Education are probably one of the best in Indonesia,” he explained. “At UNY, there is also a Masters in Economics Education Study Program, and soon there will be a Masters in Islamic Economics, Masters in Management, and Masters in Educational Economics. In accepting students through the achievement path, any achievements, whether they are dance champions, debates, memorizing the Koran, can be used as material to enter UNY," added the Professor of FE UNY.

The representative from SMK Pancasila 6 Jatisrono who is also the Head of the Office Administration Study Program at the school, Lena Dwisepteri, S.Pd. expressed his hope that this visit would be beneficial for both parties. “Hopefully, as many students as possible can take lessons from FE UNY. We hope that this collaboration can continue in the following years,” said Lena.

Secretary of the Department of P. Adm. FE UNY Office, Muslikhah Dwihartanti, M.Pd. explain some things about the department in general. “At FE UNY, graduates of Office Administration Education are not only expected to become good Office Administration teachers. But also ready to be a manager, laboratory staff, or MICE (meeting, incentive, conference, and exhibition) practitioner," he explained.


Accompanied by lecturers and Educational Laboratory Institutions (PLP) / laboratory assistants, the students also visited and underwent a small number of lectures in several laboratories. The laboratories used for practice include the Lab. Office Simulation, Lab. Office Technology, Lab. Typing, and Lab. Computers/Digital Archives. (fadhli)