National Seminar on Cooperation of P. ADP FE UNY, UAD & UHAMKA Study Programs: Welcoming MEA, Indonesia Doesn't Need to Be Afraid

In recent years, Indonesia has been preceded by other ASEAN countries in many fields. Compared to Laos and Vietnam, for example, Indonesia has lost in the field of football. "Success in the field of football is also an indicator of the condition of a nation," said the Dean of the Faculty of Economics (FE) UNY, Dr. Sugiharsono, M.Si in the seminar "Preparing Skilled Personnel to Face MEA" at the FE Auditorium UNY, last Thursday (30/4). Also attending the seminar were more than 200 students from Prof. HAMKA (UHAMKA) Jakarta and Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) Yogyakarta. In addition, dean officials from both universities and also the Department of Office Administration Education FE UNY also attended.

According to Sugiharsono, Indonesia will become an easy target in the 2015 MEA because it has a large population and natural resources. “The government's role is important in overcoming this problem. In addition, there is also a need for solidity between entrepreneurs, workers, and educational institutions in Indonesia to welcome the MEA," he added.

Meanwhile, the Professor of FE UNY for Office Administration, Prof. Dr. Muhyadi said a number of countries in ASEAN were already preparing to welcome the MEA. “Thailand, for example, in the last few years has intensified learning Indonesian in schools. In addition, unlike Indonesia, Malaysia has also been conditioned in such a way. In Malaysia, along the road, there are many banners and slogans welcoming the implementation of the MEA. While in Indonesia, there are more banners and billboards for political parties and pictures of legislative candidates," he explained.

This indicates that the readiness of the Indonesian people in welcoming the MEA has not been optimal. "As an institution that is expected to produce human resources who are able to compete globally, universities should feel more called and responsible to equip their graduates with various competencies needed by the global community," he added.

Deputy Dean II of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) UHAMKA, Dra. Fitniwilis, MPd said that the PT's role was important through seminars like this. “This academic activity is a means of research orientation, religious orientation, and also tourism orientation for our students. After returning from this activity, students are required to carry out dissemination of the results of visits to their younger classmates, "he said.

The Head of the UHAMKA Economic Education Study Program, Dra. Hj. Sri Astuti, M.Pd said that students must have soft skills. “Hards skills are abilities and knowledge, which can be obtained through academic activities. However, soft skills can be obtained by participating in non-academic, organizational, and committee activities. Hardskill is like speed, technique, and winning the ball in football. Meanwhile, soft skills are like the ability to cooperate, courage to decide, and persistence in chasing the ball," he said.

“Before a student graduates, UHAMKA has also made additional requirements in the form of SKPI (Certificate of Complementary Diplomas) which can be obtained through non-academic activities such as training, committees, or organizations. This is so that our students are better equipped before they graduate. We need not be afraid to welcome the MEA. It is precisely other countries that should be afraid," he added. (fadhli)