SMK N 2 Purworejo Office Practice at the P.ADP FE UNY Laboratory

The Office Administration Education Study Program, Faculty of Economics, Yogyakarta State University (P.ADP FE UNY) again received office practice study visits from SMK N 2 Purworejo, Central Java at the Office Technology Laboratory, Office Simulation Laboratory and Digital Archives Laboratory on Monday (30/1) as many as 95 students and 18 accompanying teachers and staff. This study visit aims to provide training to students on office practice. The training provided includes office simulation practice, office technology practice and digital archive management practice. In this training, students were guided to practice one by one, accompanied by a team of Lecturers and Education Laboratory Institutions (PLP) Department of Administrative Education, Faculty of Economics, UNY, said the introduction from the Head of the P.ADP Study Program FE UNY Siti Umi Khayatun Mardiyah, M.Pd.

The office practice training in the office simulation laboratory was trained by P.ADP Lecturer Yuliansah, M.Pd., in this training students were guided by direct practice in handling office work activities, some were practicing handling incoming letters, outgoing letters, filing, receiving calls, receiving guests and manage meetings. In office technology training, students practice directly using machines and tools that have office technology guided by Ka. Lab Siti Umi Khayatun M., M.Pd. and PLP P.ADP Isti Kistiananingsih, S.Pd. Meanwhile, the digital archive management training was provided by P.ADP Lecturer Arwan Nur Ramadhan, M.Pd. in the computer lab.

Siti Umi continued, “In the last few years, the Laboratory of Office Administration Education Study Program FE UNY has received frequent office visits at the Laboratory from Business and Management Vocational Schools, Universities, Office Administration MGMPs and so on. This shows the high interest of schools and agencies who want to visit the office directly. The training provided during visits from schools is expected to be able to provide new insights and knowledge for students. In addition, this kind of visit is expected to be able to increase students' interest in continuing their studies in higher education.


“On the other hand, visits from schools have a positive impact on the department of administrative education at FE UNY. Through visits from schools, the level of use of laboratories from external parties will increase. The high use of laboratories is one of the indicators of assessment in the accreditation process of a study program,” concluded Siti Umi. (Revelation)