Almost 38 Years, Sudaryanto Lecturer of Administrative Education Department Serves at UNY

I really do not feel the time has passed so quickly, until the time Drs. H. Sudaryanto, M.Sc. Lecturer of the Office Administration Education Department/Prodi Faculty of Economics, Yogyakarta State University (FE UNY) as of January 1, 2014 entered his retirement period. With one less lecturer our strength in the Department has diminished somewhat. Almost 38 years "Pak Dar" (his nickname –ed) has served at UNY, exactly 37 years and 10 months. However, even though he is already retired, he is still energetic and youthful. For this reason, "Pak Dar" we still hope to be able to help teach in the Office Administration Education Study Program and Secretariat D3 considering the number of Lecturers in the Department is very limited, said the Head of the Department of Administrative Education Joko Kumoro, M.Sc. at the Discharge of Administrative Education Lecturer, Saturday (1/2) at Sego Wiwit Restaurant.

Joko Kumoro continued, "We sincerely thank you for the services of "Pak Dar" during his service in the Department of Administrative Education in particular and UNY in general. Don't forget to ask us to please share tips and tricks so you can stay young and don't get sick easily. Likewise with Mrs. Hastin Pratiwi, S.I.P. who has been helping for almost 2 years as an Administrative Personnel in the Department of Administrative Education, we also thank you for your help so far. We from the Department can't give anything, except prayer for good fortune, health and success.

Meanwhile, Sudaryanto, M.Sc. said, “I am very happy to be able to serve, share the knowledge I gained at UNY and share experiences with friends in the Department. And don't forget to say thank you and sorry. Of course, to stay as energetic as I am today, it's not just coming from myself, but one of the things that supports it is the togetherness, joy and kinship of friends, especially in the Office Administration Education Study Program, FE UNY. And there are many other factors that made me arrive at this post safely and stay healthy. The most important thing for me is that we have to keep trying, do and be kind to anyone and we have to take care of each other and be able to "custody" with others.
Meanwhile, Hastin Pratiwi expressed his gratitude, sorry that he could not say goodbye directly to the Lecturer of the Department but immediately carried out his duties to the Puskom UNY. In principle, as an administrative staff, I "obey" wherever I am assigned. Of course, I will really miss the working atmosphere full of togetherness and family at the Department of Administrative Education FE UNY. Which for me is very extraordinary. (Isti Kisti)