UNY students won i-Fame 2019 in Malaysia

Yogyakarta State University students won the competition "The 2019 Inventor's Hall of Fame, International Competition of Ideas, Inventions & Innovation (i-Fame 2019) won a Silver Medal in the field of Scientific Technology Innovation Category Institution of Higher Learning, which consists of

1.Rusita Chemistry Study Program, FMIPA (2017),

2.Lilis Aryanti FE Office Administration Study Program (2017)

3.Intania Putri Yasmin Fajri Chemistry Study Program FMIPA (2017)

4.Nuzulia Ra'hatul Jannah English Education Study Program FBS (2017)

5. Watik Novianingsih Social Studies Study Program FIS (2017) .


The event was attended by 8 countries, namely the UK, Thailand, India, China, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Turkey. (27/09) The scientific paper is entitled "CLC KORBULA (Chicken Feather Light Brick) Scientific Utilization of Chicken Feather Waste as Fine Aggregate of Lightweight Brick which is more Economical and Reduces Chicken Feather Waste for Sustainable Community".

"I will never forget this experience because this is the first competition that I have participated in at the international level. There is pride and a sense of amazement to meet competitors from various countries. We hope that from this team, hopefully the other friends can further improve their achievements" , said Lily. (Cs/Ik)