Yogyakarta, (11/12) – Educational Tiktok and Video Competition was held by Shine Event Organizer on Friday, 11 December 2020 at 09.00 – 11.00 WIB through the Zoom Meeting platform. This event was the first event held by Shine Event Organizer which consisted of 2018 D-3 Office Administration students as event organizer course assignments led by Rr. Chusnu Syarifa Diah Kusuma, S.A.B., M.Sc. The Educational TikTok and Video Competition is intended to invite the entire community to be wiser and optimal in using technology, especially social media and as an educational tool in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. A total of 40 educational works were given by participants from various provinces ranging from health education, history, technology, to crafts.

There are several stages in the Educational TikTok and Video Competition, namely the registration stage, the assessment stage, and the announcement stage. At the announcement stage, the Shine Event Organizer held a Digital Literacy Talk with the theme “Be Creative and Educative Content Creator” with resource persons and competition judges, namely Gabra Mikael Arda (videographer, content creator) and attended by other judges: Aditya Maulana Yahya (social media enthusiast, content creator TikTok) and Sigit Andrianto (lecturer of FE UNY Office Administration, content creator). The digital literacy discussion is intended to introduce to the public that literacy is not just reading and writing, but also scientific, numerical, financial, cultural and civic literacy, as well as digital literacy. The talk show was attended by 175 participants consisting of FE UNY lecturers, competition participants, students, students, and the general public. Shine event Organizer also opens donations for regional literacy development. The proceeds of the donation will be distributed to community reading parks or literacy communities in DI Yogyakarta.

The winners in the Educational Tiktok And Video Competition include:

Educational video categories:

1st Place: “My Sweat for My Country” by M. Daenasty Caezar Zahra

2nd Place: “Adaptation” by Dandy Muhammad Arafat, et al

3rd Place: “Ecoprint for Eco-Friendly Crafts for Free Time during a Pandemic” by Erika


Favorite Video: “Bored” by Ayu Tanza Educational

TikTok Categories:

1st Place: “Manners Education” by Erika

2nd Place: “Pretty Smile 101” by Audrey Fanny Aulia

3rd Place: “Preventing Covid with 4 M” by Dandy Muhammad, et al Favorite Video: “Depression” by I Kadek Krisna Rizky Putra M

"Let's be someone who is creative, educative, and gives positive values ​​to others," said Kartika Putri as chairman of the committee in her speech. This event can be watched again via the youtube link (KP/cs)