Thursday, (12/3) through Zoom Meeting and Live YouTube, the activity with the theme "Back to Nature and Culture Around Us" organized by the Treasure Event Organizer is one of the events formed by 2018 Office Administration students in order to fulfill the tasks of the Event Organizer course. which is supervised by Rr. Chusnu Syarifa Diah Kusuma S.A.B., M.Sc.

Indonesia as a country that has many tourist and cultural destinations that are often unknown, so it is necessary to introduce the wealth of tourism to all people in the country and abroad. The Treasure Event Organizer provides space for all Indonesian people who have an interest in the Travel Vlog field to be able to channel their talents by participating in the "National Tour Vlog Competition" with the theme "Back to Nature and Culture Around Us" in the current New Normal era to continue exploring regional tourism. surrounding areas while still adhering to health protocols. This event is able to reach tourist destinations widely, as evidenced by the participation of participants from various provinces including Bali, Central Java, NTT, West Java, Special Region of Yogyakarta, East Java, West Sumatra, and others -other.

The National Tour Vlog Competition was attended by all 2018 UNY Office Administration students, several UNY students, lecturers in the Department of Administrative Education at UNY, participants in the National Tour Vlog Competition, and people who are interested in the Travel Vlog field. In addition to the announcement of the winners, to enliven the National Tour Vlog Competition, they gave Challenge, Give Away, and presented a special performance from the music community of the Faculty of Economics, UNY.

All participants of the National Tour Vlog Competition made vlogs that introduced Indonesian tourism and culture through videos which were then uploaded to each participant's YouTube account which was then judged by Sigit Andrianto, Saad Ariyanto, and Ilham Akbar who are experienced in the field of assessment categories. The assessment is carried out based on several categories which include the suitability of the content with the theme, cinematography quality, suitability of music, sound, video editing, as well as completeness of detailed information on tourist destinations and culture. Furthermore, by looking at the assessment categories, 3 overall champions with the highest ratings and 1 favorite champion were taken as seen from the number of video likes. 1st place was won by Revi Putri Ekta Fairiri – Toraya Maelo Land of the Heavenly Kings with a score of 2424.3. The 2nd place was won by the Jenggirat Tangi Team - Merapah Ke Negeri Gandrung Banyuwangi with a score of 2405.7. 3rd place was won by Muhammad Rahmat – Batu Kapal Jogja I The Latest Tour in Jogja Viral with a score of 2399.2. And the favorite winner was won by Green Project – Taman Wisata Lebah Cibubur with 558 likes. The winners' vlogs can be viewed via the hashtag #NTVC #TREASUREORGANIZER via the YouTube application.

The success of the National Tour Vlog Competition also cannot be separated from the support of the sponsors and the hard work of all the committees who have prepared the event very carefully. It is hoped that the National Tour Vlog Competition can be one part of the agents of change and also promote Indonesian tourism and culture through the Vlog media so that it can improve the weaknesses of Indonesian tourism and form a pattern of information dissemination that is easily understood by various groups in the media. The event can be watched on the youtube channel . ST/cs